Why Pacific Coast Express?

Pacific Coast Express is Western Canada’s cross-border expert and a proud member of the Mullen Group of Companies.

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We hold certifications that allow us to cross the border quickly, reducing the amount of time your shipment spends in line, saving you money, and helping to ensure your load arrives at its destination safely and on time.


Our staff is USMCA knowledgeable and able to discuss the best way to ship your cargo across the border. PCX can handle the details of your shipment, including filing all of the appropriate cross-border and customs paperwork.


With Pacific Coast Express, you can be sure your shipment is taking the most efficient route possible. We operate using superior logistics and tracking systems so we always know the location of your shipment.


Our fleet of vehicles run regularly-scheduled routes, so we know how long it will take for your shipment to arrive at its destination. This allows you to plan your distribution without having to guess the arrival time of your shipment.

Pacific Coast Express Limited is a Business Unit of Mullen Group Ltd.

Pacific Coast Express Limited
10299 Grace Road
Surrey, BC V3V 3V7

1 (800) 667 6061

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